No School Friday

Friday, April 18th Breakfast:

No school days are my favorite. I get to make a good breakfast for both girls, not be rushed to get out the door, and sit and eat together.

Since Lexi is going out to dinner with Brian tonight for their date night and we are taking an adventure to Ikea later this morning I wanted to start off their morning with some good breakfast choices.


They ate wilted spinach under an egg, a bit of steel cut oats with pecans and maple syrup, strawberries, and tomatoes. Both of them ate that wilted spinach right up since it was covered in egg yolk!


2 thoughts on “No School Friday

    • Usually they do not flat out refuse. Sometimes one of them will claim to not like something but I give them so many different choices that they end up eating it because it’s only a few bites. I rarely give them only 1 or 2 things on their plate. If I do, it’s food I know they love and will eat without protest. BTW since drastically reducing their bread consumption, I’ve had a much easier time getting Lexi to try stuff. Don’t know if it’s a fluke or what but I’ll take it!

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