Monday Movie Dinner

We received Frozen from Netflix like last week and have been holding it secretly since. The girls have already seen it and walk around playing Elsa and Anna and singing the songs. We decided they would love to watch it again so Movie Monday happened. Eating in front of the tv isn’t typical at our house, making this a special occasion. Do you know what we like to eat for special occasions? Pizza or Mexican! Mexi Movie Monday! Oh yeah!


This is one of the girls plates and Brian’s. The kiddos ate burritos filled with cheese, green olives, and lentil walnut “meat” from the Oh She Glows Cookbook (just got this cookbook and love it!). They also chomped a side salad, mixed veggies, refried beans and tomatoes. Brian’s was the same without the mixed veggies. We generally don’t love eating cooked carrots and save the mixed veggies for the girls.


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