Wednesday, April 23


This lunch didn’t come together as quickly as I hoped. I really didn’t know what I was going for here. Luckily the girls enjoyed the broth soup.


Here it is: peanut butter strawberry bites, carrots, apples, and soy sauce veggie broth soup with cauliflower pieces.


We sort of have a standing tradition that when daddy stays at work late the girls eat chicken nuggets and I have salad. I haven’t given them chicken nuggets for a few weeks so I caved today.


They had their beloved chicken nuggets, a little pork, red quinoa, raw broccoli, and green beans. My salad was so filling I couldn’t finish it (that rarely happens to me!), it was broccoli, carrots, kale, radish, onion, roasted green beans, chickpeas, a little pork, all dressed with balsamic. Looks like I’ve got my breakfast already made! Love when that happens.


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