Costco Lunch

We had the girls favorite kind of lunch today, Costco Samples!!! I like to go closer to lunch time so that there are more samples. Yes, it’s true I entertain my kids in Costco by searching out the samples while I load what I need into my cart. We’ve come across some pretty yummy things via sampling at Costco (Bolanis, Jennie-O turkey bacon, Glutino pretzel twists). These items don’t make the cut into my cart but they are good to know about when I’m looking to try something new or for school snacks, etc.

After everything they sampled (read: quesadillas, yogurt, toast-X2, chips, brownies, and more!) they really only needed the basics to round out their tummies. Lexi couldn’t even finish hers because she was so full from sampling.


To complete lunch we have carrot sticks, turkey meat, kalamata olives, and banana. (So excited to find a big jar of kalamata olives for such a good price at Costco, they will be making a regular appearance on our plates.)


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