Mowing, Grilling Friday

Apparently what I do on Fridays is mow my lawn and grill dinner while the girls play outside. I’m pretty sure this is the second Friday in a row where I did exactly that. Aside from mowing the lawn, which I no longer love, the result is an excellent Friday evening. I’m not exactly sure when my love for mowing the lawn ended but it did. Now it’s just another chore that I have to do so that I can feel ok about my kids playing outside. I’m sure it’s all about perspective so maybe I should stop thinking of it as a chore and more as something I get to do so my kids can enjoy the yard. Really, trying to talk myself into that thought pattern here. I’ll let you know if it works next week.


Grilled dinner with eggplant, corn on the cob, broccoli/cauliflower/carrot veggie mix, and some homemade re-fried black beans for good measure. For Brian’s I made two kinds of  little eggplant sandwiches. Re-fried beans or sun-dried tomato, parsley, hemp seed pesto were sandwiched between two eggplants. The kiddos can’t handle the combination so they got to dip their eggplant into the re-fried beans. The star of dinner was the grilled corn, the kids can’t get enough of it.


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