Sunday Girls Breakfast

We had quite the day yesterday. It always amazes me when we accomplish so many things in one day because we often have days that we get almost nothing done. I did an 8 mile run yesterday morning made a quick breakfast and then we were off to work on the trailer. Love that trailer, so far everything functions as it should and I’m so excited to take it out, it seems like a great fit for our family. After that we came home for Lexi’s nap and then were off to drive my race route. We ate dinner out last night at the Hub in Gig Harbor. That place was great, it is connected to the Narrows Airport so we saw a few planes take off and the atmosphere was very fun. We didn’t get home until 9 last night, both girls were pretty tired and overly full from all their bread intake.

This morning Izzy asked for waffles. Oh great, more grains after all the grains yesterday! After a quick Pinterest search I was busy creating these oat and almond flour waffles. No added sugar, ground oats are the only grain, made with yogurt and pumpkin, these are right up my alley. And by my alley, I mean cooking them because even the oat flour is too much grain for me but for the girls they should be just right.


Simple breakfast of oat/almond flour waffles and apple slices. Of course, since it was waffles this breakfast was gobbled right up!


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