Lazy Sunday

Sunday, April 27th

After everything we did yesterday, I was feeling pretty lazy and so were the girls. Izzy didn’t even change out of jammies. Brian did a super long run in the morning, so he was definitely not up for doing much the rest of the day. We all kind of just hung around.

I created this lunch for the girls with whatever was leftover in the fridge. Izzy said, “Nailed it, mom.”


It was a take on tabbouleh made with what was already in the fridge. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, grilled corn, quinoa, and beans mixed together and dressed with some oil and spices. They had a side of chocolate chia pudding and a few blueberries.


Dinner was a veggie casserole bake. Sort of like green bean casserole but without the nasty can of creamed soup and other not so great ingredients. Instead it’s onions, garlic, and celery sauteed. Next, I add Imagine Foods creamy portobello mushroom soup and some spices. All that gets mixed together with green beans, broccoli, spinach, and white beans then baked in the oven until warm and bubbly.


I served the bake with wheat berries and a side of carrots. Warm and comforting but without all the junk.


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