“Pasta” Dinner

I consider tonight’s dinner to be a big win in my battle on grains. Brian and I have not eaten, and have very little desire to eat, pasta in a really long time. Spaghetti dinners at our house used to be the girls eating noodles and sauce with a side of veggies while Brian and I put red sauce on some sort of veggie (sometimes zucchini “noodles”, spaghetti squash, even broccoli). No noodles tonight, for anyone! I served them a plate of zucchini noodles and a very veggie filled red sauce with a side salad. And guess what? They ate it and loved it!! Got to take the wins because there will be plenty of losses.

Here is the pasta dinner in it’s beauty:


Dinner was inspired by this recipe, modified for what I had on hand. Except the kale, sun-dried tomato, hemp seed pesto, which I did not modify and I so love. Also I used all the same veggies from our sauce for the girls but instead of the pesto I used a jar of red sauce.

Lunch was pretty uneventful so I’m just adding it in here:


They ate leftover quinoa and veggie salad, carrots, celery, and peanut butter balls.


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