Banana Soft Serve

We’ve officially reached over 70 degrees!

I wanted to give the girls a cool snack that Brian could also enjoy later when he came home. I hate popsicles (seriously, why do they all have high fructose corn syrup?!) and we don’t have ice cream. Lexi and I just bought bananas yesterday (oops, there’s only one left!) so we went with banana soft serve, which let me tell you is good enough on it’s own but this was banana soft serve deluxe edition. Banana soft serve with peanut butter, blueberry jam, and mini chocolate chips. Recipe adapted slightly from here (obviously we did not put them in popsicle molds and we halved the bananas but not the add ins). No, it doesn’t look pretty but try it and you’ll be forever changed.




What’s better on a warm day than watermelon and a cold salad? Not much, and that’s what lunch was all about.


Our backyard lunch was watermelon, carrot zucchini coleslaw salad, re-fried beans, and leftover peanut butter balls. For some reason Lexi said she didn’t like the beans or the carrot salad but she did end up eating them both.


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