My Favorite Dinner

Last night we had one of my most favorite dinners. Basically, any dinner that consists of a bowl of vegetables is my favorite. I seriously love salad. I eat a ton of salads and we eat what we call a “veggie bowl” at least once a week. A Veggie Bowl is essentially a warm version of salad, no lettuce but loaded with cooked greens and other vegetables. Last night’s version of the Veggie Bowl was grilled brussels sprouts (a favorite in our house), onion, garlic, broccoli and coconut oil. We included some bacon wrapped turkey and a cold pea and carrot salad.


Typically I serve the Veggie Bowl in a bowl (and mine was) but for everyone else I separated each thing because some kids (namely Lexi) don’t love the brussels. Izzy, Brian, and I cannot get enough of the grilled brussels sprouts!

The secret to grilled brussels sprouts is all in the slicing. Once you have sliced them into thin rounds they get soft and tender when cooked. We once did a side-by-side comparison of sliced brussels and cooked whole brussels and there was no contest: sliced wins hands down. Slicing them was the game changer for us and now we are really excited when brussels sprouts makes it’s way into our fridge (well, except Lexi but she still trys).


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