Easy Peasy

Lunch and dinner were very simple today. We have been busy! Thursday are very back and forth for me. Getting kids to school, picked up from school (did I mention separate schools?), working on math with Izzy and getting to and from soccer practice. Tomorrow is extra busy for us too so I was trying to prep for tomorrow’s eats as well.


Simple lunch of watermelon, carrots, avocado, tomato, and seasoned black beans.


I’ve been wanting a sandwich ever since my run on Saturday. For some reason, running lately has made me really want sandwiches. But not so the much the sandwich because I don’t want the bread just all the insides. So I planned for sandwiches/wraps tonight to make dinner quick and easy. Since it was so warm today (hello, 80 degrees!) a completely cold dinner seemed appropriate. I made some hummus but wanted a different take on the flavor to compliment the salami in our wraps. Lucky for me, I found a great recipe for pizza hummus which I modified slightly, reducing the water, oil, and basil.


These wraps were loaded with salami, turkey breast, smoked provolone or cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, and jalapeno (adults only). Next to that we had a lot of raw veggies and pizza hummus!! Easy dinner, loved by all. Even Lexi finished hers in a reasonable amount of time.


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