My Dinner Was Also Dessert

Before I get into how much I loved my dinner last night I will share what the girls had for lunch. We were going to a birthday party right after lunch so I was trying to fill them up on good stuff before the party so they might eat less there. Totally didn’t work. My kids were the ones who kept coming back to the food table for chips and dip. At least they had these veggies to balance out all the chips and cake.


Now onto my delicious dinner. I made this lentil potato salad for dinner. Seems simple and not very appealing, right? Wrong! It was so good! Since I had no asparagus I used green beans and also blanched some cauliflower to use in place of the potatoes for me. The Tangy Mustard dressing I was skeptical about. I thought it might be too mustardy and not much else but I actually found myself putting more and more on the salad as I was eating it. While I thought the girls might enjoy a similar version without the mustard dressing I didn’t even chance it last night. They were still so full from the party I didn’t think they would be able to eat much. Instead, they had all the components of the salad on their own.

What is amazing about this salad is that after I finished eating it I could only think of wanting more. So for my “dessert” snack I mixed up another bowl and loved every moment of it all over again! In fact, I have all the stuff in my fridge to make a little bit more and I’m just waiting for hunger to strike so I can eat this salad again.


This picture does not even begin to do justice of how good this was. Lentils, red potatoes/cauliflower, green beans, red onions, a little dill, and the mustard dressing, who knew it could be so good?


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