Still Cold….

We underestimated how cold it would be watching soccer this morning and I could NOT get warm. This morning began sunny and promising but the weather changed on our way to the field. It became windy and about half way through the scrimmage it began to rain a little. By lunch time I had still not warmed up and Brian was feeling a little chilly too. While Lexi requested a sandwich because they hadn’t had one in a while (she must have forgotten the sandwich she ate yesterday at the birthday party!) Brian suggested soup. Um, yes soup definitely!

I made my typical veggie soup but changed up the spices a little (adding cumin, turmeric, and a dash of cinnamon) and stirring in nori (seaweed pieces) at the end. I loved the addition of the spices and the seaweed and the girls didn’t seem to mind. I AM warm now!


Someday I may actually write out my veggie soup recipe. It’s very simple and lives only in my head. I tried to explain to Brian how to make it once so he could do it and it was no bueno since I don’t really measure anything.


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