Cinco de Mayo!

Yes, I know this is an Americanized holiday. But I love Mexican food (and Spanish) so I love Cinco de Mayo. Also, it happens to be my best friend’s birthday so I usually get to celebrate it big every year. This year, however, her 30th birthday party fell on the evening before my first half-marathon. I really wanted to be there for at least a little bit so we brought the family out to the party place early before everyone else got there. While the party hadn’t started yet the food did and since I had to run in the morning I did not get to take part in the nachos, guacamole, taquitos, all other Mexican yumminess. Sad, sad face for this Mexican food loving mommy. My consolation was that I had planned to make a delicious homemade Mexican dinner today on Cinco de Mayo, for my post race relax day.

For starters we made homemade baked corn tortilla chips and guacamole. The corn chips we got par-baked from our Bountiful Basket (love, love Bountiful Baskets, best way to get a lot of fruits and veggies for cheap). We brushed them with avocado oil sprinkled with salt and baked until crispy. Izzy was a great help in making these chips. She spread them on the pan and enjoyed brushing them with oil.


For dinner, my favorite Mexican food: tamales!! I judge a Mexican restaurant primarily based on their tamales (and their salsa).  I haven’t found really great tamales on the westside of Washington. That’s ok, though, because I just make my own. The recipe here  here is a good one. I appreciate that it uses coconut oil instead of lard in the masa. Of course, I make my own lentils and amp up the veggie content by stirring in whatever sounds good. Today it was broccoli so I steamed broccoli and chopped it up very small to add into the lentil mixture. Again, Izzy was a great help with making these. Tamales are very time-consuming with all the pressing the mixture into each corn husk and then ever so gently rolling them up and folding them so they stay closed. Lexi attempted to help, she did some, mostly she complained that she had to wait to eat them.


With our tamales we had baked zucchini, carrot sticks, and the tamales were served over lettuce and salsa for the grown ups. They were very good and everyone had seconds.

For dessert we had drizzled honey on some of the chips and sprinkled with cinnamon. Next, comes the best part: when it’s time to eat it melted chocolate is drizzled over the top. Crunchy, cinnamon, salty, and chocolate, great combination.


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