Wow, what a weekend!

This weekend was busy and eventful. Also, full of really bad food. After the cake and birthday party food on Friday, the family had nachos and taquitos for dinner on Saturday, not expected, it just happened. Since my race was in the morning I did not get to participate in the food fiesta. My pre-race fuel was a giant salad. Carbo load? No way! I loaded up on healthy fats like avocado and some proteins in the form of greens and chickpeas. Sorry no picture, it was late and I had watched everyone else eat earlier and was hungry!

Grandma came over in the morning to be with the girls while Brian and I headed to Tacoma for the race. One of the recovery foods mentioned in the race day info were slices of pizza. While I don’t eat a lot of pizza I was particularly excited to have a slice after running. I should have known, and I’m more disappointed in myself for thinking it would be anything else. The pizza was Little Caesar’s pizza, which in my book slightly resembles pizza but is NOT pizza!! After that let down we decided to get some actual pizza for dinner from Mod Pizza. Not a very good end to the weekend filled with junk food already but we all really loved our pizzas. We heart Mod Pizza because of their variety of toppings and we can each get our own customized to our liking.

So after cake, sandwiches, chips, more chips, taquitos, fake nacho cheese, and pizza I was almost afraid to ask what the girls wanted for late start Monday breakfast today. Izzy wanted waffles this morning. I can work with that and make it no sugar no grains but making one waffle at a time is just too time consuming on a weekday morning. Instead I opted for pancakes with almond flour. They love these pancakes, they are so flavorful. The kiddos have no idea these are made without regular flour and devour them just as quickly and always ask for more.
They enjoy their waffles topped with yogurt (plain unsweetened and Yami for my lactose-intolerant Isabelle) and if they are lucky a little maple syrup.


2 thoughts on “Wow, what a weekend!

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