Feeling a Little Better

Yay! The soup helped, not a noticeable headache or yucky tummy complaint from the kiddos. Lexi does have her cough going on still, which who knows what that’s about. She woke up upset last night and then was awake before 6 this morning. No bueno.

For lunch we had leftover lentils and veggie soup. Fruits and veggies were pears, carrots, and radishes. As a bonus filler I made peanut pumpkin seed bites. These are super simple to make and taste like a treat. I threw a handful of peanuts and pumpkin seeds, two dates, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of honey, and a little water into the food processor. Processed until crumbly and formed into little balls (and snuck a few bites for myself!)



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