Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is a family favorite. Today was a sunny day and I had planned to grill some corn and whatever else was in the fridge. Getting home a little late from our afternoon errands did not stop me! I pulled double duty on our awesome grill which has both a propane and charcoal grill side by side. I got the corn started on the propane while setting up the charcoal and smoker wood chips for the rest of the dinner. It worked out! I grilled corn, asparagus, chickpeas, edamamae, endive, onion, and wilted some spinach. Smoky grilled vegetables are always a win.

We served them over lettuce with some of this creamy hemp dressing (which doesn’t have any dairy in it at all!). Izzy prefers her corn on the cob and she ate all the veggies just not mixed up with dressing like ours. Little Miss Lexi was  asleep when we started dinner. Poor girl, woke up early, had no nap, and went to the doctor for her checkup so we let her sleep when she got home. When she woke up she joined us but pretty much only ate the corn on the cob, “Cob Corn” as she calls it.



Grilled veggie bowl!



2 thoughts on “Grilled Corn

    • I do have a grill pan but it’s so big that I use it only when I mix everything together from the start. I usually just use my Pyrex pie pans for the small things like beans and peas.

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