It’s Been A Month Since…

We hit a big milestone in our house. I haven’t bought bread in over a month! There is some leftover bread in my fridge with a best by date of April 1st (I think it’s time to throw it out!). That is so exciting to me because I started this less sandwiches journey with the kiddos and was unsure of whether we could really do it. Having old bread in my fridge proves it is totally doable. They have asked for sandwiches a few times but mostly they are content with what they do get. Yes, I will probably buy more bread and stash it in the freezer (since we no longer use it often enough to store it in the fridge) for those occasional sandwiches. This is a big change from the almost weekly bread purchases of the past.

Today’s lunch was burgers which would typically be on sandwich bread because we almost never have actual buns. However, I wrapped those burgers in lettuce to allow the girls to still use their hands to eat them. No complaints!



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