Clam Chowder

A few months ago I took Izzy and Lexi to Ivar’s to have clam chowder for the first time. We shared one small bowl because I wasn’t sure they would like it and because I was worried about the dairy content for Isabelle. Well, they both really liked it. Then, about a month ago I was craving warm clam chowder after a long run but didn’t want to go buy some or fill my body with what may be in that clam chowder. A little searching online resulted in numerous recipes for dairy-free clam chowder. Maybe we could have our chowder and eat it too.  =)

I have never made clam chowder before (my soup making skills only recently came to me) dairy-free or not. Homemade clam chowder sounded intimidating. Would making it dairy-free even be worth it? Last night, I chanced it. I used this recipe as a guide, adapting as usual to work for us. I modified the steps so that the soup could cook in my slow cooker while we were at soccer practice. We were out of bacon so I was very unsure how it would taste without that magic. To make it more mom friendly I used cauliflower instead of potato in the whole soup and added little cubes of baked potato to the kids individual bowls.

The result was fantastic! I don’t know why I waited so long to give it a go. The soup was really simple to make and tasted like it took a lot more work. Delicious dairy-free clam chowder does exist (can you imagine if I had added the bacon, even better I’m sure). I’m happy to be able to add clam chowder into my soup arsenal (we eat soup at least once a week during fall and winter).


Dairy-free clam chowder served with a side salad or green beans.

This is most definitely what is for lunch today. I love having leftover soup in the fridge, it’s such an easy and complete meal.

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