Can’t Win Them All

Except for Izzy’s first soccer game, they did win that! Quick side note, I had no idea watching little kids play soccer would be so fun. I really enjoy watching them play, I get so excited for each kid including the other team. Honestly, I originally thought I would be bored but no, instead I’m asking Lexi to move and stop blocking my view.

On the other hand today’s breakfast was not a win. The girls wanted waffles and then pancakes. I should have just said no but instead I figured I could make some coconut four pancakes. I’m sure I’ve made them before with no problems. Instead today’s batch did not thicken, I even added cocoa powder so they really should have been thicker. These were the first few very sad looking pancakes:


After it was clear they were not going to work I added some oat flour and got these:


Better, at least they resemble pancakes. The sad pancakes did not go to waste, while they didn’t look pretty they tasted fine spread with peanut butter and topped with yogurt. Unfortunately by then I was frustrated with the pancakes and the fact that I had even given in to making them. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Ooo…here’s the cake pictures I promised from yesterday:


So proud of myself for resisting eating cake and frosting during the creation of this cake. I believe this is the first cake where I haven’t been miserable the next morning from all the taste testing (my other taste testers assure me it is good). Maybe I AM winning the war on sugar!




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