Water Fights and Smoothie Snack

Since we had a few errands to run after picking Lexi up from preschool I brought along some carrots, oranges, and walnuts for the girls to snack on. Ater errands we got home just in time to meet a few neighbors at the neighborhood park for a water fight. No time for lunch, must get to the water fight (priorities)! The girls did not complain about their lack of lunch until we were had been at the park for over an hour. At this point, it was past Lexi’s nap so, again, we didn’t have time for anything substantial, just a quick yogurt and granola.

After nap I made up for all the snacking instead of actual eating by I mixing up some chocolate smoothies. I used the Chocolate Smoothie recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook. This smoothie is packed with some sustenance and is delicious and creamy. The secret weapon in this smoothie is avocado! Avocado and chocolate are a perfect pair. The chocolate masks the avocado taste but makes for a great creaminess. I learned this two Valentine’s days ago when I made this Chilled Double Chocolate Torte. This was before Isabelle liked avocados. She helped me mix up the torte and watched as I put avocados into our dessert and I swear from that day on her attitude toward avocado changed. I’m getting off track in my excitement for avocados and chocolate together. Back to smoothies. These smoothies were delish and filled with chocolate, peanut butter, avocado, spinach, and almond milk.


I may have to stock up on avocados since I have a feeling this smoothie will be requested again. No such thing as too many avocados in your house. =)


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