Not Dogs

Hot dogs have always kind of creeped me out. Even before I was old enough to realize all the weird stuff in them (pork, turkey, and beef all lumped together…questionable). Ever have the green hued ones from the school cafeteria?

When I was little I would only eat them boiled and hated when my mom microwaved them. Also I preferred the “cheese” filled kind (gross, I know!).

After we started paying attention to what we were eating it was clear hot dogs, even the best ones, are really not that great. I found a vegan version that was not filled with grains and wheat gluten! And by found, I mean discovered a recipe to make my own Bean Not Dogs. These are not grain free because they do have oats in them but they are far better (in terms of ingredients) than meat ones or vegan wheat filled versions. Which brings me to, no, they do not taste like a hot dog but they are good and hot dog like (in that you can top them with ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc. and get the hot dog feel).

We wrapped our Not Dogs in lettuce and ate them with red potato salad and raw veggies. The dressing for the red potato salad is made with Veganaise, plain yogurt, and a touch of Dijon mustard (shhh the kiddos think they don’t like mustard). I stashed celery and peas in the salad along with the regular onions and spices.



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