Family Day

We have an awesome day planned for today. After Izzy’s soccer game we left for Vancouver (Washington). We are staying one night in Vancouver because Brian has some work to do. I am really excited to take the girls into Portland on Sunday and find some yummy vegan food. And can’t wait to spend some time together as a family.

In order to get ALL our stuff packed in (why is there so much stuff for one night!) and be ready to go this morning I needed another cooks itself breakfast. While baked oats did sound good I went a different way. Last night I prepped the stuff for an apple Dutch baby pancake. Never had a Dutch baby? A Dutch baby is similar to pancakes except instead of being multiple little hot cakes it is a giant one cooked in the oven. The version I found was made with oatmeal flour (yay!).


We topped these with homemade walnut butter (first time making walnut butter, I really like it), maple syrup, and dried cranberries. These were gobbled right up.

Hoping for some good restaurant food to share in posts later. I already had amazing Mexican food for lunch but that deserves it’s own post.


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