School Snacking

My kitchen has been working over time the past few days as I make school snacks for both girls to bring in. Lexi got the chance to celebrate her birthday with her preschool class because she started after her birthday. She is a silly one and it’s tough to get her to make a decision on exactly what she wants. She goes back and forth and back and forth, again and again. Eventually, I force her into deciding and we don’t talk about it anymore so she can’t change her mind.

We were going to bring in a whole cake decorated with flowers, then cookies, and we ended up with ice cream cone cupcakes. The preschool theme this week was ice cream so we figured cupcake cones would be fun for the kids and she loved the idea.

The honorary birthday girl wanted a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Interesting choice, since I don’t make that, like ever. I made this vanilla buttermilk cake recipe and filled colored cake cones with the batter. The cake was supposed to be reminiscent of yellow cake and it was quite tasty but it was more like a vanilla cake than a yellow cake (I’ve yet to find a yellow cake recipe that I love).  We frosted the cupcakes with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. Now, this frosting I am in love with! It’s so smooth and dreamy. The frosting shines nicely and the flavor is so yum, not grainy sugary like regular buttercream. For some reason I have had better luck making the swiss meringue buttercream in chocolate than in vanilla but it’s probably due to mixer problems (my hand mixer is cheap and missing speeds). We topped the beauties with sprinkles like one might if you got a fancy ice cream cone and called them delicious.


Izzy on the other hand was quite sure of what she wanted to bring in for her June school snack. She requested pumpkin bread. Not a spring or summer time snack at all. I tried to convince her of zucchini bread, at least that’s seasonal and I have a good recipe. She was so set on the pumpkin bread, though, that I scoured Pinterest and found a lower sugar recipe (1/3 cup of sugar compared to the 2 cups in a regular recipe!) that I could feel ok about sending with her. Her class is huge (29 kids in kindergarten!) so we had to make two loaves. We did them one at a time because I was skeptical. The pumpkin bread came out wonderful! Not too unsweetened, nice spice mixture, and very moist.


So while, I was extra busy yesterday creating these things for my girls to take into school I realized today that I’m so grateful. They both loved sharing good homemade food with their friends. Each of them couldn’t wait to tell me how much people enjoyed what they had brought in. That is what it’s all about. Lovingly creating something to share with my family and people we care about. I’m feeling very content.



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