Mexican Inspired

Have I mentioned how much I love Mexican food? I think I have. My family does as well and it makes an appearance on our weekly menu at least once.

We’ve had it a couple of times in the last few days. I try to keep things interesting and these three meals were all very different. You know what, though, if you are not trying to put everything in a tortilla it makes variety a lot easier.

For dinner over the weekend we had a cold bean salad. Definitely not what you would traditionally put together: green beans, broccoli, onions, shredded carrots, and red beans. Topped with some lime juice, spices and oil.


I used the chips to convince my kids that the bean salad would be extra yummy if they dipped their chips in. =) Mostly, I just wanted them to not gobble up the chips and be too full to finish the actual meal.

For lunch I attempted a jalapeño popper polenta recipe as a warm lunch for Brian after a super long run and to use up the jalapeño’s in my fridge. I say attempted because it didn’t work out quite as it should have but it did still taste amazing. The polenta didn’t set up right away but once it cooled it was held its shape the way it should. The polenta was baked with cheese, onions and jalapeños for Brian and minus the jalapeños for the girls.


The girls didn’t get to wait for the polenta to cool so it was like grits for their lunch. However, they loved it so much that they insisted they could handle the spiciness of the adult version. And they did, happily picking out any of the larger jalapeño chunks and drinking lots of water after eating the smaller chunks.

And now for the star. Enchiladas!! This round of enchiladas were chicken and veggie filled and inspired by the Oh She Glows recipe. The secret ingredient in the enchiladas was the chipotle salsa I used in the filling and for the topping (none for the girls though) and the homemade enchilada sauce (if only I could remember which recipe I had used, the sauce came from a previous batch that had been frozen). Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I topped them with the cilantro avocado cream sauce in the recipe. The sauce is oh so good, avocado and cilantro with a hint of lime all creamed together.


Hey look, that’s the polenta all set up the way it should be! The enchiladas were so amazing we had to have them for lunch the next day too:


And you know what, it wasn’t enough! We all agreed I need to double the batch next time and we will just eat enchiladas for two dinners and lunches. Ha, the girls tried to convince me they would eat them all week for lunch. That may be a little Mexican food overkill but I appreciate the enthusiasm. Mmmm…why don’t I have more of these enchiladas in my fridge!

BTW in case you wondered I buy the low carb, high fiber wraps for my family. These used to be used for adults only and the kids had regular whole wheat tortillas but buying two kinds became too much of a hassle and the girls never even mentioned the difference.

I love Mexican food!!


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