Wheat Free for Me

I’m on a renewed wheat free kick. I checked out the Wheat Belly Cookbook from the library, mostly because the actual book was not available (long list of holds) and the cookbook has a brief overview of the concepts in the book. I’m already a believer in no grains so I think the abridged version is all I really needed. The book has some really great recipes, many of which I cannot wait to try (especially the whole section of wheat free baking!). Plus, there are so many that make me feel like I don’t need to give into the grains to feed my family. The recipes in this book don’t include any traditional grain flours, not just eliminating the gluten. So no oat flours, brown rice flour, etc. A lot of almond meal, coconut flour, ground flax seeds, and chickpea flour. I’ve never used chickpea flour so it’s on my to purchase asap list.

Fueled by my grain free reading I made tabbouleh for lunch substituting the bulgar for chickpeas. Izzy asked for some more chickpea salad sandwich filling so this just made sense.


Next to the grain free tabbouleh the girls had watermelon and banana flavored yogurt (I just mash up some banana and mix into the plain yogurt).

For dinner it was Veggie Bowls! The veggies were grilled earlier this week and just waiting to be used: asparagus, broccoli, and yellow squash. I added onions, peas, brown lentils, and spinach to finish it off. These bowls were topped with a lemon tahini (or peanut butter in our case) dressing.


In other news, I can’t seem to keep my fridge stocked full of produce! We are going through it so fast, my basket from Bountiful Baskets on Saturday is long gone! I won’t get another one for almost a month since we are going camping next weekend. Looks like I will be buying massive amounts of produce at grocery store prices.


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