The Makings of a Wonderful Friday

Today, I woke up before my alarm clock with no pressing thoughts of what needed to get done. The sun was shining through my blinds and the love of my life was still asleep next to me. I love when days start this way. They tend to quickly change when the girls get up and with some sort of sixth sense they know mom thought she was going to have a good day. Then begins the arguing before breakfast, the not getting ready, the having to be told over and over again (all very everday occurrences). Today, however, I was so excited about the great start to the day and what the rest of the day held that it didn’t get to me.

After Izzy went to school Lexi and I headed to the YMCA for weekly preschool science class. The classes are an hour long so I get a chance to get a good workout in. I picked one of my favorites: a circuit workout where I mix running in with strength training exercises like pushups and squats. Immediately following that Lexi and I went home to pick up Izzy for our afternoon adventure.

Did you know today is National Donut Day? Well, it is and Krispy Kreme gave away a free donut (any kind) to whoever came in. Plus, it has been sunny all week and we have been talking about going to the zoo. So I did an irresponsible mom thing (I love being able to do these things sometimes). I fed my kids a donut before lunch and took them to the zoo instead of making sure Lexi got her nap and me accomplishing some of my home duties. Donuts were so good! We each got a different flavor (powdered sugar coated with apple cinnamon filling, glazed lemon filled, and birthday cake batter) and shared bites to compare.


Who wouldn’t be so happy about free donuts!?

Before the zoo we stopped at a natural foods store so I could pick up my chickpea flour (can’t wait to use it!) and some coconut water for Brian to try out on his run.

I may have been slightly irresponsible for taking them to the zoo but I was very well prepared. I had brought us some good healthy lunches in anticipation of the donut eating that took place before hand.

We pack picnic lunches to just about anywhere we go so that I am assured the girls bellies get full of good quality food in addition to any fun extras we might get. They think it’s very normal for me to bring a lunch or food to just about anywhere. I’ve definitely brought in my own cut up carrots or apples to pizza places or breakfast places. Lunch today was raw veggies, oranges, grapes, and leftover tabbouleh from yesterday.


We spent most of the afternoon at the zoo and got home just in time for me to figure out what I wanted to do about dinner. Of course, it was going to be all about vegetables but it was the how I needed to decide on. I went with vegetable seaweed wraps. The idea is sushi with vegetables only and no rice. That gets a little tricky because rolling them up is not so easy without the rice holding it together so I added a little cooked egg to help out.


These beauties are full of egg, shredded carrots, shredded red cabbage, yellow squash, pickles, yellow bell pepper, and cooked spinach. I made a premixed stir fry for the vegetable side (vegetables with a side of vegetables, uh, yes please!). There were two dipping sauces for the seaweed veggie wraps: an orange maple sauce and a homemade teriyaki (both from Oh She Glows– so you know they were filled with only the good stuff). While the rice free sushi is a little messy everyone raved about how good they were and we have none leftover.

To top off my wonderful Friday both the kids are in bed before 8. Too bad Brian is working and I’m typing this post but it is still sunny out and the night is young (even if I am not).



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