For the Love of Pancakes

Kids love pancakes. Adults love pancakes. I’ve found I can put most anything in pancakes and they are well received. What is it about pancakes? Maybe it’s all that flour?!? Pancakes are basically flour. Oh no! I need to expand my repertoire of flour free pancakes.

I’ve nailed almond flour pancakes. They are good and work well with both sweet and savory recipes. The downside about almond flour pancakes is the price. Even with making the almond flour myself the cost of cooking almond flour pancakes every time the girls want pancakes (which is more than once a week!) is ridiculous. I need some more cost-effective alternatives.

Here are some pancakes meals we’ve had recently:

I made steel-cut oatmeal pancakes adapted from this recipe. I did not blend the batter of the pancakes per the recipe resulting in a nice chewy texture of steel-cut oats.


We used maple syrup to sweeten them and they tasted just like comforting oatmeal only in pancake form.  They were very dense and the girls only needed one decent size pancake to fill their tummies.

I used a different coconut flour pancake recipe (from the Wheat Belly Cookbook) and these ones worked out well (see my previous failed attempt here). They are really thin and eggy but taste great.


Topped with syrup and pecans, they were a good stand in for regular flour pancakes. Also, this was a Saturday morning breakfast so we had a bonus luxury of sausage!

The coconut flour pancakes are so versatile that we used them as “bread” for lunch sandwiches.


When I asked Lexi what she would like for lunch she said meat and cheese sandwiches and also informed that it had been a while since they had sandwiches. I met her halfway and gave them meat and cheese on coconut flour pancakes. They were even more excited about the novelty of it than they would be with a regular sandwich. Check out those frosting filled strawberries. Apparently, they were amazing. I had some leftover chocolate swiss meringue buttercream dying to be used in the fridge so I some strawberries with it. No crazy snacks at school today so I got to indulge my kids a little.

Always looking to expand my flour free pancakes arsenal as I had numerous regular pancake recipes to pull out (just saying, after years of trying I had mastered the regular pancake). A quick search on Pinterest should leave me with some good ideas. I’ll get right on that (maybe?).


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