Dinner in a Bowl

You know, I find myself reaching for the bowls for our dinner more and more. In fact I’d say most of my meals are eaten from a bowl rather than on a plate. But when you think of dinner, you think of plates. That’s why they are called dinner plates, right?

Forget the plates, the best dinners come in bowls! As I contemplate the remainder of my planned dinner meals for the week they will go in bowls as well.

The other night we had lentil vegetable salad bowl. It was a miscellaneous mix of things and my best effort to fill up my family (mostly directed at Brian who went on a faster paced long run that morning). We had gone to the movies that day and everyone had eaten entirely too much movie theater popcorn. Awhile ago I remember coming across something about how lentils would help if you had eaten not so well recently. Now, I don’t know if that is actually true but I like lentils (even if I’ve only been eating them for a year) and they are pretty easy.


There are so many good things hiding in this bowl. In addition to lentils there is quinoa, peas, grilled purple cabbage, sauteed onions, and wilted spinach. I believe these vegetable salads were topped with a little oil, lime juice, and salt and pepper. My family loves quinoa. Whenever it makes an appearance they are sure to enthusiastically finish their food.

Yesterday, we had taco salads for dinner! I could eat taco salad a lot. No meat in these salads, though. The taco part of the salad is the sauteed zucchini, tomatoes and red beans in taco seasoning. The family got lucky and I happened to have some cheese already shredded and a green banana that needed to get used (banana french fries totally good on a taco salad).


These salads were loaded with green peppers, olives, grilled jalapeños, chipotle salsa, and a scoop of yogurt.

Technically, the adult dinner tonight was not in a bowl but I did go back and forth about how to serve it. In the end I went with a plate because that is how one would get curry at a restaurant.

Yesterday, I was looking at a menu for a Thai restaurant and literally dreamed about Thai curry last night meaning I had to make some for dinner (easy dream to decode, ha ha). I’ve never made a Thai curry before and looked up a few recipes and then put my own thing together.


I used yellow curry powder and a can of lite coconut milk as a start for the sauce. The curry has peas, spinach, broccoli, chickpeas, green peppers, and onions in it. All that saucy goodness was spooned over cauliflower rice. The girls had each of those things individually with a little bit of the actual curry sauce because I didn’t want to risk it. Isabelle said she loved the curry but I’m not sure how much she actually tasted it. I tend to serve their foods up in separate places in the bowl so they can decide if they want to mix it all together or eat it separately (you know kids get weird about that sometimes). After eating this for dinner (and having some leftovers for tomorrow morning) I don’t think Thai curry will be taking over my dreams again. I dream about food way too often, it’s not normal.


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