A New Pasta Substitute

Typically, we are pretty content to substitute actual noodles with zucchini or spaghetti squash, broccoli, or even shredded carrots. We’ve used shiitake noodles on occasion. The truth is pasta doesn’t have its hold on me, any viable option to cover in sauce is good enough for me.

On a recent trip to the natural market I spotted Mung Bean Fettucine. I grabbed a package figuring at some point the girls would ask for noodles. These noodles are made of only mung beans and water! I have no idea how these things are made but I was intrigued. Side note: there was also black bean spaghetti.

Last night I needed an easy dinner and spaghetti fit the bill. I decided to give the mung bean noodles a go. They are dried and aside from the green color they look just like regular noodles.
The mung bean noodles were awesome! The texture was so similar to regular noodles and the taste was pretty normal. I was upfront about the noodle makeup with the girls and they loved them. They ate all their food and asked for more.

What’s great about these noodles is that while it felt like a splurge eating them, there was no uncomfortable fullness. I got to have my pasta and eat it too! Without feeling like I had just eaten pasta, yay!


Our mung bean noodles were topped with red lentils, sugar-free spaghetti sauce, and cheeze shreds (roasted almonds processed with nutritional yeast and salt). Of course, the spaghetti had to be served with side salads.
Mung bean noodles will definitely be showing up on our menu again. AND we will be trying out the black bean spaghetti.

In other news, today was Lexi’s last day of preschool. We are so grateful she had a chance to attend for a few months this year and we are looking forward to next year. Anyway, last day meant she got to choose lunch. She asked for ham and cheese wraps (I can’t believe I got out of making macaroni and cheese!).


She also wanted carrots, banana, and yogurt with nuts. Wow, I was expecting to feed them a much less nutritious lunch. It’s a good thing she didn’t ask for macaroni or muffins or who knows because later she complained her tummy hurt from the cupcake, granola bar, and smoothie she had for snack at school. School snack is a never-ending battle. I go back and forth about whether they should not participate on certain snack days or whether it’s good for them to figure it out on their own.


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