Slow Cooker Soup

Right after soccer practice today we jetted over to Lexi’s preschool graduation. She was graduating from preschool to pre-k. Ha ha, any excuse to celebrate I guess (and feed my children more cake).


My day was super busy with it being the last day of preschool, soccer practice, graduation, and I’m in the middle of packing and prepping for camping. With all that dinner needed to cook itself.

Something about french onion soup was calling my name. I threw it in the slow cooker this morning and added broccoli for extra staying power (since we were not going to top with bread) later this afternoon.


I used this recipe as a guide adapting it for the slow cooker. This soup is almost vegan, aside from the butter I used to cook my onions in (totally could have used olive oil). The soup got a little sprinkle of nutritional yeast to add a bit of cheesy flavor. For the minimal effort I put into this meal it turned out pretty good. Plus, I have so much extra I can use for lunch or breakfast tomorrow so that I’m not trying to cook and pack up. The last couple hours of getting everything packed into the trailer and vehicles is really hectic and it’s awful to have to stop and whip up some food for everyone during it.


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