Father’s Day Camping

For at least five years now we have gone camping on the weekend of Father’s Day. And we typically, go to the same place. Our camping has evolved a lot since then. We have purchased a few different tents to fit our growing family. We’ve added a Lexi and a dog since we started our Father’s Day camping adventures. And as the girls kept growing our camping style has grown with them. Ay, we used to have to lug pack and plays, portable swings, strollers, diapers, and tons of other baby gear with us. Then we got to the potty stage and had less stuff to lug with us but ended up spending a lot of time at the campground bathroom. Now we are onto the trailer phase. No more lugging around tents and gear or spending time in campground bathrooms.


Our first Father’s Day weekend camping trip. This was a walk in site so my amazing husband (poor guy) had to carry all this stuff down to our site from the truck parked above.


Apparently, I don’t have any pics from our trip last year but this was our first trailer camping experience which happened to be for Father’s Day weekend.


How sweet are these two? She was in a carrier the first year and look at her three years later, daddy’s girl.

We’re hitting the sweet spot of lugging games and bikes and baseball mitts. Oh how life changes so much in the first couple years of having children. Once you get used to one thing a whole new phase hits.

Anyway, this will be the second year my dad joins us on our Father’s Day weekend camping trip. Because it’s Father’s Day weekend our camping menu is centered around what the dad’s wanted and like (which apparently is a lot of meat).

Here goes:


Eggs and grits and bacon

Chicken fried steak with sausage country gravy, biscuits, and scrambled eggs



Vegetable soup


Chili dogs and potato salad

Steak, potatoes, and green beans

Snacks and Desserts:


Oreo truffles (Brian’s fave)

Veggies and hummus

Chips and salsa

Mixed nuts

Peanut butter, chocolate wraps grilled on the fire

Bananas stuffed with chocolate, marshmallows, and peanut butter grilled on the fire

In addition to all that we have apples, pears, cherries and bananas that we will eat with breakfasts, lunches, and as snacks. In my mini produce drawer in the trailer I also have a big bag of salad, lettuce to wrap around hot dogs or sandwiches, zucchini, mushrooms, green pepper, cabbage, onions, and tomatoes. I’m hoping to roast some of these veggies to fulfill my desire for fire cooked food on a stick other than marshmallows.



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