Meat Free Monday

We survived the meat filled camping trip! We actually had a very good time, ate way too much, had a few great campfires, got a little exercise, and surprised Brian with a few Father’s Day things (we totally got him his own Razor scooter so he can ride around with Izzy).

This week is going to be meat free all the way. That is until Saturday when we have our super charged Brian-Accomplished-His-Marathon and End of the School Year Celebration. We are giving the girls some Frozen paraphernalia including the movie on the actual last day of school, which is Wednesday. Since Brian has his marathon this weekend we didn’t want to sabotage his efforts with a celebration before so we will combine the two on Saturday. We have planned homemade pizzas (a favorite family night activity), a no bake pie (flavor to be unveiled on Saturday), and movies.

Naturally, following all the camping meat-eating and the celebration to follow this weekend we are vegging it up this week. Currently my dinner meal plan for the remainder of the week has the following: zucchsgetti, tofajitas (that’s tofu fajitas, for all you non-word combiners), roasted veggie bowls, and salad.

Tonight we had an interesting casserole. While browsing around looking for what I could do with lentils I came across this recipe for a Bean and Lentil Casserole. It’s really more of an idea than an actual recipe and would maybe not go over so well in other households. But in our house, veggies layered with bean mush is a total win. In fact, mush like this is one of Brian’s favorite things. He can put it in a bowl and use a giant spoon. Plus it has refried beans in it which is high up on the great-things-you-can-eat-with-a-big-spoon list. I loved it because of, well the veggies, beans, and lentils and because it was baked piping hot and warmed me right up. The girls loved it for all the same reasons. Beware, though, it might not seem like much but it is very filling!


On the adult portions I topped with a vegan cheeze sauce. The sauce is made primarily of almond milk and nutritional yeast and while I love it, the girls really don’t. And now, I have extra for tofajitas later this week. Yay!

For lunch we had an extra baked potato saved from camping this weekend. I reheated the potato with butter and shoved beans and spinach inside and drizzled homemade “ranch” (vegannaise, plain yogurt, Johnny’s Garlic Seasoning, and Johnny’s Salt) over the top. It was hilarious to see Lexi grab the potato and eat it from her hand as if it was a sandwich. Either way, they devoured lunch quite happily.



A lovely meat free Monday!



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