Keeping with our no meat theme this week we had tofu fajitas. Every bit as delicious as the steak kind but even better for us. I wish I could tell you they were easier to make than the meat kind but that’s just not true. They do have the bonus of not having to worry about contaminating the veggies or the cutting board with raw meat, though, so that’s something.


These tofujitas were so good. They were finished in record time, even by Lexi. That may have had a little to do with us dangling the if-you-eat-your-dinner-quickly-we-can ride-bikes-afterward reward. Even still if they weren’t good, she would never have finished.

I added jicama to the peppers and onions which added a nice crunch. We topped them avocado cilantro cream, cheeze sauce, and a little plain yogurt. My tofujitas were in lettuce and they were so messy! But the yumminess was worth the mess.

After dinner we took the girls out to ride bikes and took the training wheels off of Izzy’s bike. She very much needed us to take the initiative and challenge her. She was content to ride with those training wheels on, always leaned over to the left. After a little frustration she started to get the hang of it. It’s going to be a little bit before she rides on her own but she’s making good progress. And bonus, no blood on our first attempt! That’s a win in my book.


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