Tuesday Eats

We ate all our meals at home together and not in a rush today (well me and the girls, Brian had to work of course)! Summer break is turning out to be very eventful. I’m still waiting for the relax time, it’s coming right?

The girls had an eventful breakfast as there were cinnamon rolls leftover from the weekend so they got half of one each. I made them a fried egg and served it over wilted spinach. They happened to eat all the spinach because it was covered in yolk, score!


Nobody had lunch suggestions but I did have a little quinoa and beans leftover in the fridge so I put them together with some oil and spices for a warm salad. This kind of lunch is Isabelle’s favorite. She just loves the beans and oil combo. They also had radishes, jicama, red cabbage, and green apple. I used all of those veggies plus some carrots to make a slaw to put on top of my lettuce. It was oh so yummy!


Dinner! Dinner was exactly what I felt like eating. It was a creamy curry (from the Oh She Glows cookbook). The curry had cauliflower, bell pepper, onions, garlic, and peas with curry powder. The creaminess comes from soaked cashews and was a great addition. We put the curry over millet or sautéed collard greens (if your name is mom). Surprisingly, Brian was feeling like shrimp so we threw that on the curry and it went better than you would think.


I love dinners like these. =) A warm bowl of vegetables in sauce makes me happy.


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