Laser Tag Party and Lots of Veggies

The girls were invited to a laser tag birthday party for dinner. Neither of the girls had any idea what laser tag was but they were excited to celebrate a friend’s birthday nonetheless. To be honest, I’ve never played laser tag either so I wasn’t too much help in describing what it may be like for them. But now we can all say we’ve played laser tag! And they absolutely loved it. The moment we left they were asking me when we could do it again. The best part was that the party was for a seven-year old girl and that during our first round of laser tag the other group playing was from a 13-year-old boy’s birthday party (hello, stereotype!).

In preparation for a birthday party filled with pizza, cake balls, and ice cream we ate a lot of veggies. For lunch the girls had green bean spaghetti. To make it hearty I smashed up some red beans with the sauce. Next to that they had carrots and cantaloupe. Nobody missed the noodles. Izzy was amazed about how good it was.


I had a similar lunch but instead of spaghetti sauce I topped my green beans (and a few carrot slices) with leftover lemon tahini sauce. Lemonny dressing or sauce is one of current obsessions and this lunch was very very good.


Before we left for the party I offered up a veggie salad. This is my no grain take on pasta salad. Instead of noodles I just add more vegetables and some more vegetables with creamy Veganaise and plain yogurt and spices. Let’s see included veggies were peas, broccoli, carrots, and kale. Oh, and while not a veggie I add pumpkin and sunflower seeds for extra crunch. The girls have become very fond of these salads. Lexi was not excited at all when I told her what was for snack but she ended up eating it all and asking for more.


Maybe they will forget all about pasta salad and just think of this veggie salad as normal. Although, I guess the downside of that is they will not find this anywhere except at our house. Oh, the problems of making all my kids food. Ha, ha! Good problems to have!



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