Sunday Dinner

Remember when I said cauliflower was a coveted item around our house. Well, I bought a head of cauliflower last week and managed to save it until today. I knew I wanted to do something special with it and not just eat it raw with dip.

So what I did with it was this:


That spicy buffalo chicken pile you see there is actually spicy buffalo sauce cauliflower. I found a recipe on Pinterest for buffalo cauliflower awhile ago and it became an instant favorite. The cauliflower pieces gets coated in a thick milky sauce (thickened with flour or almond meal) and then baked in the oven until cooked through. After that, a buffalo sauce of Frank’s Red Hot and oil (olive or avocado works well) is basted over the cauliflower and cooked a few more minutes. I  like to flip and add a little more sauce to really coat them. I pile that buffalo sauce cauliflower over wilted greens (kale and collards tonight). Next to the cauliflower is asparagus and bulgur.

The girls get chicken when we have the spicy cauliflower. I made baked chicken nuggets for them using almond meal and coconut flour to coat the chicken pieces. After I served them up Lexi asked for buffalo sauce on her chicken. And she loved it! Isabelle is not a fan of spicy and tried a little buffalo sauce but didn’t like it. Maybe next time, I can make Lexi some buffalo chicken nuggets. In times past when I make this I will make a little buffalo chicken pieces with the cauliflower but the buffalo cauliflower is just so much better that I didn’t waste my time with the chicken. Who knew, Lexi would have eaten it?

Brian gets these leftover for his birthday lunch tomorrow! Lexi can’t wait for leftover chicken nuggets with buffalo sauce for her lunch. She made sure there was enough sauce leftover for her before Brian’s lunch was packed up. Silly spicy loving girl.


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