Salad in Various Forms

We had a couple of types of salad today. Salad being my favorite, I love when I can get the girls to eat a salad as well. Granted neither of these salads were lettuce green salads but they were filled with veggies so I’m not complaining.

Both girls had swim lessons followed by dance class this morning so we ended up eating lunch in stages. Also, Lexi was incessantly hungry today so maybe she is growing? Breaking up lunch into 3 mini meals/snacks seemed better than filling her with snacks so she wouldn’t be hungry for the good stuff in the main meal. While we waited for dance class to begin the girls shared a peach. Two girls in cute dance outfits sharing a very juicy peach is pretty funny. With every bite I’m cautioning them to not drip peach juice all over their outfits. After dance they got their side of veggies with hummus as a snack on the way home.

I figured it would be a little hectic with both activities this morning and then getting home in time to make a decent lunch so I prepared this tabouli last night. Completely grain-free and could not be easier! It has tomatoes, peas, cucumber, onions, parsley, and hulled hemp hearts. Isabelle loves this kind of thing. Give her some veggies mixed together with some spices, herbs, and olive oil and she is a happy girl.


Next to the tabouli they had red cabbage and gluten-free pretzels. We tried them at Costco and really enjoyed them. While they are not the healthiest thing in the world I like that they are gluten-free. I’d like to put as little gluten in my family as possible but still enjoy the occasional thing like pretzels. These pretzels are super crunchy and we didn’t feel like we were missing out one bit!

The girls and I went on a shopping adventure today. We planned on going to Target to pick up a backpack and some shirts to tye-dye later, that’s it. Target, so dangerous! We came out with all of Izzy’s school supplies and some extra stuff. They hooked me with their low prices that I just got everything at once. All the unexpected purchases led to us getting home late (after Brian!). Mexican bean salad had already been prepared and was waiting for us when we got home. The recipe is heavily adapted to include kale, broccoli, less peppers, no corn, and light on the spices. The mix of beans, onions, garlic, oil, vinegar, and spices is so good. Again, right up Isabelle’s alley. Lexi  surprised me as she was very excited to put her bean salad in a lettuce wrap like I did. Most of the salad fell out but at least she got some bonus greens in.


Simple dinner of carrot sticks, bean salad with avocado and cashew cheeze sauce (adults only), and homemade tortilla chips. Lexi finished this up quick and was worried I was giving all the leftovers to Brian for lunch tomorrow. Not to worry, sweet Lexi, mommy saved you some Mexican bean salad. As I said she was ultra hungry today so after she finished dinner in record time she asked for more bean salad. I love that my kids love stuff like this. It’s good that we all get to eat these delicious nutritious meals together instead of me making this for the adults and feeding chicken nuggets to the kiddos (I used to do that at least weekly).

Guess what else…..I made peanut butter cookies! Must share this later as it was my first real attempt to recreate my favorite cookie of times past.


Experimenting in the Kitchen

I love finding new recipes. It’s not often we eat the same thing over and over because I genuinely like to find recipes and try new things. Life might be easier if I had a set menu I rotated through every week or so but that wouldn’t be much fun. Plus my kids would not get try new things with us.

I’ve been making my way through the recipes in my Oh She Glows cookbook. A lot of them are fairly simple and not necessarily adventurous. But this morning I served up muesli. I had never made muesli before and nobody had ever had it either. This recipe was a make the night before and have instant breakfast in the morning type recipe. Perfect for trying to get out of the house to make it to the zoo.


There are oats, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raisins, shredded and diced apple, and plain yogurt in this. The verdict? Amazing! I can’t believe something so easy could taste so good. It was sweet, chewy, and creamy all at once. Keeping this recipe for quick make ahead breakfasts or even lunches.

We went to the zoo for the first time this summer. Somehow we managed to see just about everything and enjoyed our leftovers from yesterday for lunch. Also miraculously I didn’t buy any treats or kettle corn from the zoo! Here’s my Iz enjoying our packed lunch in the beautiful sunshine. She was grateful that we went.


Yesterday afternoon I made a batch of vanilla chia pudding. Originally it was going to be dessert for last night but it wasn’t ready. My loss is the girls’s snack time gain. They had strawberries and vanilla chia pudding for snack. I’ve made chocolate chia pudding in the past and Lexi was not a fan. This, however, they both devoured. I’m talking licked the bowls good.


Also a recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook. I’m hoping to have some later with grilled nut granola. That is assuming I can still eat after grilled veggie and tofu kabobs for dinner:


In this bowl we have corn, green peppers, onions, yellow squash, mushrooms, kale, and tofu topped with a little wasabi cashew cream sauce (adults only). Mmmmmm. Grilled veggies and tofu, delish!

Wasabi cream sauce is a new discovery to me. I bought some wasabi powder recently and have been on a wasabi kick. The Wheat Belly cookbook had a wasabi cream sauce recipe that I adapted to be vegan. See, adventures in the kitchen. All about trying new things. The same old, same old is not for me unless maybe you add a little wasabi. =)

Vacation is Over

What is about the day after vacation that is so hard? Oh wait, I know. It’s that nobody gets enough sleep and there are a million things to be cleaned and put away while you are attempting to continue doing the normal every day things and the kids decide they do not want to get along since we are at home. All this vacationing has left me worn out. Getting up for a run this morning was tough! And then making it through the day was still tough. But the day is almost over and we have all made it.

We took our time coming home yesterday and stopped to hang out in Ocean Shores for a bit. Over the weekend we never actually made it into the city. Instead, we stayed at the beach house and headed down to the beach from there (and took naps! The kids were up until 11 pm, yikes!). The house we get is literally on the beach trail and you can sit out on the deck or in the living room or in our bedroom and see the ocean. The weather was amazing, better than it’s ever been and we took full advantage by not wasting our time driving to the city.

The weekend was a lot of fun. Brian and I escaped for a short run one of the mornings, which we don’t get to do often enough. I loved seeing the beauty of the ocean and was in awe of the view and the weather God placed before me. It was truly a gift. We managed ok with our modified menu and taco night only claimed one tummy, Lexi’s. That was probably more due to the s’mores she had at the campfire later that night than the tacos but maybe the combo wasn’t so great for her.

By the time we arrived home yesterday I was exhausted. I was fighting sleep the entire drive home. It was such a sunny pretty drive that I didn’t want to miss out and sleep. In order to even function the rest of the night I had to fit in a short power yoga session to get my heart pumping.

Nobody was very hungry for dinner since we had big lunches and snacked on the drive. Plus, despite having leftovers in the fridge we couldn’t eat any more fish or burgers or rice or beans. While this dinner was not as quick as I would have liked it ended up being perfect.


Broccoli and cauliflower, lentils, kale, tomatoes, and hummus bowls. This dinner was simple and had none of the things we had been eating all weekend long.

Brian got to take those leftovers for lunch today. The girls had a veggie plate with some leftover baked beans (they turned out delicious by the way!) and strawberries. We went to the store before lunch so our fridge is again stocked with an abundance of produce, thank goodness!


I’ve eaten a lot of lettuce over the last few days and did not want another lettuce salad for dinner. Because it was hot and I was worn I knew I wanted fresh produce for dinner, just not lettuce heavy. I made something I found on Pinterest once called Living Pad Thai. I didn’t use a recipe just grabbed fresh food from the fridge and shredded it or chopped it small and mixed together. We topped with a homemade Thai peanut sauce (or homemade teriyaki for the girls), peanuts, and red chili flakes.


All those veggies are filling! The Living Pad Thai has carrots, yellow squash, purple cabbage, broccoli, onions, and kale. The family raved about this meal, pretty much every bite. =) The best part is there was so much leftover we all get to eat this for lunch tomorrow. Works out great for me since I’m taking the girls to the zoo and that’s one less thing I have to pack.

Speaking of packed lunches, I’m starting to get very nervous about packing a lunch for both Isabelle and Brian on the daily once school begins again. It’s a lot of work for me. The girls will be attending a VBS next week where Isabelle will stay all day and need to bring a lunch so I guess I will get some practice and face my fears!

Ocean Shores Bound

Ocean weekend getaway here we come! My family, my sister’s family, and my dad go to Ocean Shores each year and split the cost of a house on the beach. When I was little my family would go every year in July for the Surf and Sun motorcycle rally. Now that my sister and I have families we have continued the tradition. My dad has a Harley that he usually rides down there and while we spend very little time in Ocean Shores at the motorcycle show we still go that same weekend each year. This is our 5th year!

As I mentioned before we create a weekend menu to avoid everyone bringing everything and combat that last minute what are we having for dinner/breakfast. As my family has changed eating habits the menu system is not working out so well for us as I am having to bring additional stuff to accommodate our eating style. Bringing good food we enjoy eating is not the problem. All the other food that will be available is the problem. I dislike having to explain to my six and four year old why they cannot have or can have very little of insert any food here over and over again. As much as we explain it, they are little and don’t completely understand. They are happy to eat what we have and will enjoy it but what four year old gets the effect eating french bread will have on her tummy. All she knows is that it’s good and she wants to eat a lot of it (and who can’t sympathize with that!?).

Anyways, what I am bringing is A LOT of vegetables and fruit.

The first night we are celebrating my birthday since my actual birthday was spent getting ready for the trip. We are eating fish, green beans, and salad.  A perfect dinner for me. I also made myself a birthday cake which I totally don’t mind doing. It’s made out of love =) and won’t make me feel sick.


The cake, filling, and frosting is grain and sugar-free! The crumb is made of almond flour and coconut flour (recipe from the Wheat Belly Cookbook). Next, I filled it with cherry chia jam and topped with chocolate frosting (seriously made of canned coconut milk and chocolate chips, that’s it!).


I had a little taste test and liked it. Not too sweet but still satisfying. We’ll see how well it travels.

The menu for the weekend includes pancakes (subbing for almond flour pancakes), sandwiches (subbing for chickpeas salad and/or lettuce wraps), eggs and bacon and hash browns (hold the potatoes please, add some greens!), and muffins (healthy and made by me, sugar-free but not grain-free).

The other dinners planned are tacos. Mexi! This, also, is filled with substitutions for my family. I made homemade tortillas (it’s so easy!) to bring. Instead of ground taco meat we will have a taco seasoned veggie mix and refried beans, cashew cheese sauce, and avocado. Also, I’m making Mexi rice which we will actually eat and someone else is bringing chips and salsa. Here’s to hoping that taco night doesn’t take anyone out, ha ha!

Our last night is burger night. I pre-made veggie burgers and brought lettuce cups to wrap the burgers in. There will also be canned baked beans (subbing with 10 minute baked beans), twice baked potatoes (subbing with yams), and asparagus.

Man, that’s a lot of substitutions!

My fridge is crazy right now. I was tasked with bringing salad and lettuce. Fair enough, because I will single-handedly be eating the majority of it but I think I got overly excited because there is literally lettuce and greens in every nook in my fridge. Lettuce overload!

In addition to the planned items above I brought produce and stock to make soup (it may be necessary!), lentils, peanuts/mixed nuts, peanut butter and jelly, Terra vegetable chips, dipping veggies, and hummus. As an extra little treat I made lime coconut macaroons.


I’ve never made macaroons before and these are sugar-free, grain-free, and vegan. They are delish, I had to hold back from scooping massive amounts of batter into my mouth! Maybe we can even share these with everyone else without having to explain they are a “healthy” version.

Yay for spending the weekend at the ocean! Yay for family and yay for good food! I’m really going to try to not worry too much about all the food substitutions while we are away and just rely on my planning. I’m 30 and vacation bound, let the good times roll.


It’s My Birthday

30! Wow a whole new number! Oh how I’ve changed over the years. Continually growing is good and at times I wouldn’t recognize myself now if I had met me (make sense??).

I wanted to go for a run long this morning to listen to a sermon and get some time away from all the prep work I’d be doing today. Long runs these days are 6 miles, perfect amount of time to get through a whole sermon and not too long to be away from home. Once I got back my two lovelies were dressed in their best outfits and met me with a “Happy Birthday!” greeting. Despite being sweaty from from the run we did presents right away. My family truly made me feel loved today and that’s all anyone wants on their birthday.

Birthday breakfast included a slice of bacon for everyone with some eggs and greens. It’s my birthday I will eat bacon if I please =) Not everyone was as excited about the bacon, Lexi said, “Oh, I thought we could have sausage.”

For lunch between all my food prep and packing for our ocean getaway we had a delicious salad:


Hmm…a bit hard to tell what’s in there but pretty much a little of all the fresh produce from my Terra Organics box. Shredded carrots, kohlrabi, radish, onions, beets, and the greens from all those things. I topped mine with a quick peanut soy sauce dressing and ranch for the girls. These salads really filled us up and with all the happenings I completely forgot to serve the fruit.

To get out of the house we went to Mod Pizza for dinner. I love their salad option because you get to choose from all the fresh pizza toppings to put in your salad. I basically get a little of everything: artichokes, roasted red peppers, olives, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and feta cheese! With all those veggies I hardly need any dressing at all. We also love this place because each person gets to choose their own pizza and top it the way they really want. Plus, since the crust is so cracker thin you don’t end up feeling overly full.


Best salad ever!


The girls showing off their choices. Isabelle likes to get pesto sauce and veggies on her pizza and Lexi likes to get meatballs and pepperoni with just a few veggies.

As I mentioned yesterday I made myself a birthday ice cream to celebrate with the family. We could have gone next door from the pizza place to get frozen yogurt and it would have been easier but the ice cream was so good and totally worth the added effort. Plus, it is completely dairy-free and refined sugar free so no horrible sugar headaches tomorrow or achey tummies.

First I whipped up a batch of vanilla ice cream and put that in the ice cream maker. Meanwhile I made homemade nutella  and raw brownie bites. After the ice cream was made I stirred in the homemade nutella and brownie bites and froze over night. To serve we topped with a little more homemade nutella (always more nutella!) and the extra brownie bites.


Holy moly! It was such good ice cream. The chunks of brownie and nutella took this ice cream over the top! A great finale to a wonderful birthday with my family.

Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow at the ocean with my extended family. Being 30 is looking good!

Super Size Zucchini Pancake

We received another Terra Organics delivery today. I’ve got to say I’m just loving it! Getting the veggies with all the greens attached as they were grown is absolutely amazing. My salads are so exciting when I get to add in those additional greens. Regular lettuce does get a little old day after day so adding the green tops from seasonal vegetables really amps up my salads. We got something new in our box today: kohlrabi (with greens attached!!). The girls were intrigued and up for trying it out at lunch time along with some of the carrot greens.


This is a simple lunch of purple carrots and their greens, kohlrabi, radish, and pears. The main focus was the chicken quinoa soup. I happened to have cooked quinoa, chicken, onions, and broth in my fridge so it was very easy to throw it all together and heat. Verdict on the kohlrabi is: yum! It’s a bit like a radish but not spicy and kind of like a broccoli in texture. We ate ours raw as I’m guessing we will do with the rest of them but you can cook them too.

During my search for what to make for breakfast this morning I came across a recipe for zucchini pancakes with chickpea flour. Dinner, dinner! We just received the biggest zucchini I have ever seen and this recipe called for quite a bit of zucchini so I figured we could put a dent in this mondo zucchini. Really, I think this zucchini was a Veggie Tales cast member it was so big. The recipe is a bit like zucchini fritters but without eggs and with some earthy Indian spices. It’s nice to have a pancake/fritter recipe without the eggs. And I didn’t miss the eggs at all.


The pancakes are made super size as well. They each take up the whole skillet. Generally I like things like that but these pancakes were a little bit of work due to the batter consistency and size. Next time, if I can remember, I will try them in smaller sizes to see if they cook up a little easier. All in all, they were very good and despite my worries of how they would go over with the girls they liked them just fine as well. I kept thinking the pancakes deserved a sauce, possibly hummus or some sort of yogurt sauce, but in fact they were delicious as is.

Guess what else I did today? I made my birthday ice cream for tomorrow! I got a little preview before I put it in the freezer and mmmmm we are in for a treat! It wouldn’t really be fair to discuss it too much without having a picture to put with the description so you’ll have to wait to see what I did.


Between Vacations

We have been home from Spokane for a few days now and have been busy catching up and thinking about our Ocean Shores weekend getaway coming up.

While we survived most of the six-day vacation without too much tummy troubles, Lexi barely made it the last day. Her poor tummy was not doing so well, overloaded with pizza crust and breakfast potatoes. You can be sure I made a lot of soup for our first full day home:


This soup happens to be white bean soup. For lunch we had Asian mushroom soup. And for breakfast we had smoothies. Determined to give Lexi’s little tummy only things that would heal it.

However, that was days ago now and we’ve had some other great meals since then. One of my favorites is this bok choy stir fry with homemade hoisin sauce. Oh my, it was tasty. The sauce recipe came from the Wheat Belly Cookbook. I’ve never actually had hoisin sauce before but now that I have I feel like I’ve been missing out!


The stir fry has green beans, peas, bok choy, onions, and garlic. The veggies were sautéed in a little soy sauce and sesame oil and then served over raw shredded carrots and millet. White beans and the hoisin sauce topped the bowls. How I wish there was still leftovers of this!

This dinner was also loved by the family:


I had been dying to make the mushroom gravy (Oh She Glows cookbook) and decided to make it the super star of the meal instead of a side dish. The mushroom gravy tops grilled cauliflower, kale, chicken and white beans. Next to it we had grilled corn. The gravy was so good and I’m glad I finally got to try it!

Other than that we have had some pretty amazing desserts. Brian and I had a few people over to jointly celebrate our 30th birthdays (mine is on the 24th!). Per usual Brian wanted a cheesecake to celebrate. Since we had recently had the Oreo cheesecake a more basic flavor was in order:


Plain cheesecake topped with raspberry chia seed jam and melted chocolate drizzle. Oh, and the crust had to be Oreo. I have to admit, while this cheesecake is totally not healthy it is absolutely divine! I had a little taste (or a few) and was in awe of how good it was.

Since that cheesecake was too decadent for me I made a blueberry cobbler on the grill. Not to be outdone by the cheesecake the cobbler got a little chocolate drizzle too. =)


So that’s what we’ve been eating lately. Some good healthy dinners and some very delicious treats. I’m busy modifying our Ocean Shores getaway weekend menu to suit our family. We take the trip with my sister, her fiancée, my nephew and my dad. None of whom eat anything like we do. When my sister and I discussed the menu it was laden with thing after thing that I’d prefer my family not eat. If it was just one meal or two it would be no big deal and we wouldn’t modify much but every single meal is filled with meat, carbs, and sugar. I’m pretty much bringing healthier equivalents to everything on the menu. Not very much fun but I want my girls (and me) to be able to enjoy the whole weekend and not just the one meal that seems delicious but makes them feel sick later. The interesting thing was that she actually had no idea that we don’t generally eat so many “regular” things. Despite being frustrated by the menu I took that as a compliment that we are not overbearing with our “We don’t eat that!” or health choices. That being said, all bets may be off after this trip and all my substitutions.

Spokane Vacay

It’s been pretty quiet on here lately. That’s because we took a family trip to Spokane! In fact this trip is our longest away from home family adventure ever. Six days total away from home!

We came because Brian had to work in the area so the hotel stay was free and gas is reimbursable. So the major expenses are covered. He has been working early in the morning and getting done with enough time that we have the afternoons and evenings free to be together and do things.

Spokane has stolen my heart! The Centennial Trail is amazing (it’s a trail that runs along the Spokane River forever long, well longer than we could ever dream to explore. It goes all the way to Idaho!). Our hotel is right off the trail and next to the Riverfront park, which is also awesome (play structure, fountains to play in, bridges, carousel, and so much more!). Brian and I love the way the city is setup with the major roads going through it. Everything is so accessible (I’m talking 10 to 15 minute commutes to other areas of the city versus the 20 plus to get into the heart of Puyallup from my house).

Now for the part where I talk about what we’ve been eating. This is my blog about family eats, right?

In true form I packed us prepared by me food. Our hotel has a mini fridge and microwave so limited cooking is possible. We are staying at the Oxford Suites again. Which means breakfast is covered and evening snacks are a nice bonus. Unfortunately, the options are not as extensive as the one in Vancouver (no salad bar at evening snack! I was quite disappointed by that.) The girls have eaten enough eggs, sausage, and potatoes for the last three days that I just can’t serve it to them even one more time. We’ll have to go for oatmeal today.

I brought all sorts of lunch options for us: tuna salad, peanut butter and jelly, lettuce cups, and falafel. It’s great to know we have good food and don’t need to worry about buying it. Plus, having the packable food made it possible for us to have an easy picnic lunch in Idaho:


Lexi enjoying her peach, tuna lettuce cup, veggies, and pretzel sticks.

We had family movie night after our Idaho day and were worn out and didn’t want to go anywhere. Thankfully, I brought a few dinner options and we ate green bean lentil spaghetti in our room. What a relief to have food with us on a night like that.

As I mentioned before I brought vegan gluten-free brownies and trail mix cookies for treats. I also brought veggies and hummus, peanuts, homemade trail mix, and lots of fruit to snack on. We’ve been doing pretty well not eating too much “regular” food. That being said we did order pizza last night to enjoy on the patio of our hotel but I made side salads to go along with it to at least fit in some veggies.

All in all, four days into our longest family trip, I’d say we are doing well. I’m so glad I went for being the crazy lady that packed a cooler full of food to bring to the hotel. The girls are having so much fun and I just love it here. Feeling well makes a difference in the experience and I’m thankful that I did not underestimate it and leave us to fend for ourselves while here.

Spokane, I love you (and these people)!


Snack Monster

With two kids around and the way we eat snacks are a must! It takes a lot less time for my body to process the salad I ate for lunch than a giant burrito stuffed with beans, rice, and a flour tortilla so we usually need an afternoon snack.

Other than that we try to limit snacks so the girls will be hungry for meals. I do, however, give in and let them have something small on our way back from their activities at the Y. Swimming is hard work and a little snack on the way home is at least somewhat warranted.

Our snacks are often fresh food like fruit or veggies. Honestly, because that is easiest. Since I’m making all our meals spending additional time to prep and cook snacks just doesn’t happen much. Even still, I do like to make things like homemade granola bars or healthy cookies to stash in the freezer for quick on the go snacks.

Here are some of the special snacks we had last week:
China doughnut holes (from the Oh She Glows cookbook)! These babies are packed with chia seeds and oat flour. They are super easy to make, I’m talking 5 minute prep time. I whipped them up before breakfast one morning when the family was craving doughnuts. They are sweetened with maple syrup and while they don’t taste exactly like doughnut holes they are delicious in their own right!

The girls and I stopped at a fresh berry stand one day and this glorious snack happened:
Here we have fresh local raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. As if that’s not amazing enough we added toasted walnuts, homemade chocolate sauce (literally just coconut oil, cocoa powder, and honey), and hemp hearts. Heavenly!

Lastly, for our trip to Spokane I made two sweet treats for post lunch or post dinner snacks.
I made trail mix cookies again and vegan, gluten-free brownies. The brownies are an extra special treat because they are sweetened with sugar instead of honey (I cut them into pretty small pieces to keep portions in check).
These brownies are so good, you’d never guess they were vegan or gluten-free. They are a bit crumbly but scooping brownie crumbles into your mouth after you’re done is really a bonus. They would be amazing crumbled over dairy-free ice cream!

Favorite Breakfast of Late

See this?


Looks a bit like a crepe right? But it’s not! Crepes have equal parts flour and milk (and some egg). This baby has coconut flour, eggs, a touch of milk, and some syrup for sweetness. It’s like a sweet thicker omelette and I cook it as such. However when it’s time to add the omelette fillings I put yogurt and fruit in the middle and roll it up crepe style.

Lexi has been requesting this for breakfast daily. I’m glad to have found an alternative to the frequent pancake requests. Sometimes all I need is to think beyond the norm. Hmm…my kids want pancakes every day, but instead of figuring out how to make a variety of grain free pancakes how about I make something else that is just as yummy and way easier.

Speaking of thinking beyond the norm. We had lunch at the park today so we could enjoy a kids summer concert (really fun!). Anyways, the great thing about not making sandwiches for lunch is that I could literally grab all the tidbit leftovers from dinners past and serve it to the girls as lunch (I save even the smallest leftover portions because they are great as filler items or salad toppers). So today’s lunch was leftover zucchini boat filling, leftover cauliflower bean taco filling, carrots, radish, apples, and granola bars from yesterday’s cooking adventures. Thankfully for me since I had all these things sitting in the fridge there was almost no lunch prep work. Just grab and go!

Check out Lexi with her lunch:


Today was an exciting day for me since I tried out a new veggie delivery service (Terra Organics). I haven’t been able to pick up my usual produce basket due to scheduling conflicts and have a hard time getting enough at the store. The produce is all organic and they have lots of customization options which I love. For example, not only can you choose your box size you can fully customize what you get and they have a vegetable only option which is what my family needs. This was today’s box:


Since the company informs you of what you will be getting on delivery day I planned a kale, carrot, beet salad for dinner tonight. This salad is really just a mix of a bit of everything that came in today’s box. Due to the bitterness of the greens we topped with cinnamon apple vinaigrette (Oh She Glows Cookbook) and some wheat berries.


Yummy bowl of organic greens! Love, love, love.