30th Birthday

It was Brian’s 30th birthday yesterday! For birthdays I make dinner and dessert of the birthday person’s choosing. We are not big on going out to eat in general and even less so for birthdays. Home cooked food is a much better way to celebrate than in a restaurant full of people you don’t know with food cooked by somebody else (and usually not lovingly).

When we got married Brian had a top 5 of his favorite foods. It included things like sandwiches, mashed potatoes, chili dogs (we can’t remember the complete list). Since we’ve changed our eating so much I wondered what his current top 5 would look like. I kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. It took him days to come up with his perfect birthday meal. Ready to see?


Chili dogs with all the toppings!! Relish, cheese, onion, ketchup, and mustard. He also requested french fries which I made myself (thanks to the Oh She Glows cookbook) and to our surprise they turned out nice and crispy. And lastly, veggies and hummus. We were done with this dinner in record time! Lexi finished her hot dog before most of us had even started.

I also promised to show you the oreo cheesecake I made for dessert. Brian has never loved cake and will tolerate it at other people’s birthdays. Actually, for not loving cake I have turned him into quite a cake snob as he will often tell me how mediocre birthday cakes purchased from grocery chain stores are. So this cheesecake is a labor of love because there are a few steps and a lot of babysitting the cheesecake to make sure it is cooked just so.

Here it is baked and then topped with a sour cream topping to bake a little more.


And after it has cooled with chocolate ganache on top:


We’ve found this cheesecake is best made at least the night before to let the flavors really blend together and for those oreo chunks in the cheesecake to work their magic on the rest of the cheesecake.


Yes, my friends those are chunks of oreos in the cheesecake! All that gloriousness is in an oreo crust and then topped with sweetened sour cream and also chocolate ganache. It is extremely decadent. I make this cheesecake pretty much once a year for Brian’s birthday. He loves cheesecake and this one is so good we don’t even mess with another flavor for the occasion.

Beware if you feed this cheesecake to a four year old near bedtime you will witness the sugar rush and will be powerless to stop it. Lexi literally needed to run around in circles. She couldn’t calm down enough to go to sleep for HOURS afterward.


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