Two Delicious Dinners! Starting the week right…

Back in the day Brian and I used to love on Papa John’s Ultimate Pepperoni pizza. It’s a thin crust pizza with double the pepperoni. We’d get it almost every two weeks. For some reason we were both feeling that this weekend. I really thought Brian was going to order one at 9 pm the other night. To combat the late night pizza ordering I made pizza salads for dinner.

These salads are so good! They have plenty of pepperoni, cheese curds (we couldn’t find fresh mozzarella!), olives, onions, crushed red pepper flakes, a tomato dressing, and little pieces of flatbread. For extra veggies I added roasted broccoli and shredded zucchini.


The salads were loved so much that the girls wanted the same thing for lunch today. Probably not ideal that we have eaten almost an entire package of pepperoni in the last two days.


Dinner tonight was also amazing (without pepperoni)! I tried a new recipe for cauliflower tacos. The idea of cauliflower and beans as the taco mix was not the amazing part. Taco seasoned cauliflower is not new to us but you should know that mixed with the beans it totally works (you don’t feel like you are eating cauliflower in tacos even though that is exactly what you are doing). The miraculous part of this dinner was the lentil soft taco shells. The taco shells are literally made of lentils (not cooked), water, and some seasonings. You blend that up in a food processor to make a somewhat runny batter that cooks like pancakes. I was pretty skeptical not only of taste but also of texture and most of all if they would even work. They did!


The lentil wraps were all the talk of dinner. We imagined the many uses of something so versatile and easy. They turn out just like a wrap but thicker kind of like a flatbread in thickness but are pliable. We kept expecting them to crack and break or fall apart but they held up, even for the kids. And since the wraps are made of lentils there’s extra protein in these tacos and they are filling but not in a I-just-ate-bread kind of way.

Lentil pancakes, lentil sandwiches, lentils wrap breakfast burritos…..oh the possibilities! Very excited to add this recipe to my rotation!


2 thoughts on “Two Delicious Dinners! Starting the week right…

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