Favorite Breakfast of Late

See this?


Looks a bit like a crepe right? But it’s not! Crepes have equal parts flour and milk (and some egg). This baby has coconut flour, eggs, a touch of milk, and some syrup for sweetness. It’s like a sweet thicker omelette and I cook it as such. However when it’s time to add the omelette fillings I put yogurt and fruit in the middle and roll it up crepe style.

Lexi has been requesting this for breakfast daily. I’m glad to have found an alternative to the frequent pancake requests. Sometimes all I need is to think beyond the norm. Hmm…my kids want pancakes every day, but instead of figuring out how to make a variety of grain free pancakes how about I make something else that is just as yummy and way easier.

Speaking of thinking beyond the norm. We had lunch at the park today so we could enjoy a kids summer concert (really fun!). Anyways, the great thing about not making sandwiches for lunch is that I could literally grab all the tidbit leftovers from dinners past and serve it to the girls as lunch (I save even the smallest leftover portions because they are great as filler items or salad toppers). So today’s lunch was leftover zucchini boat filling, leftover cauliflower bean taco filling, carrots, radish, apples, and granola bars from yesterday’s cooking adventures. Thankfully for me since I had all these things sitting in the fridge there was almost no lunch prep work. Just grab and go!

Check out Lexi with her lunch:


Today was an exciting day for me since I tried out a new veggie delivery service (Terra Organics). I haven’t been able to pick up my usual produce basket due to scheduling conflicts and have a hard time getting enough at the store. The produce is all organic and they have lots of customization options which I love. For example, not only can you choose your box size you can fully customize what you get and they have a vegetable only option which is what my family needs. This was today’s box:


Since the company informs you of what you will be getting on delivery day I planned a kale, carrot, beet salad for dinner tonight. This salad is really just a mix of a bit of everything that came in today’s box. Due to the bitterness of the greens we topped with cinnamon apple vinaigrette (Oh She Glows Cookbook) and some wheat berries.


Yummy bowl of organic greens! Love, love, love.


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