Spokane Vacay

It’s been pretty quiet on here lately. That’s because we took a family trip to Spokane! In fact this trip is our longest away from home family adventure ever. Six days total away from home!

We came because Brian had to work in the area so the hotel stay was free and gas is reimbursable. So the major expenses are covered. He has been working early in the morning and getting done with enough time that we have the afternoons and evenings free to be together and do things.

Spokane has stolen my heart! The Centennial Trail is amazing (it’s a trail that runs along the Spokane River forever long, well longer than we could ever dream to explore. It goes all the way to Idaho!). Our hotel is right off the trail and next to the Riverfront park, which is also awesome (play structure, fountains to play in, bridges, carousel, and so much more!). Brian and I love the way the city is setup with the major roads going through it. Everything is so accessible (I’m talking 10 to 15 minute commutes to other areas of the city versus the 20 plus to get into the heart of Puyallup from my house).

Now for the part where I talk about what we’ve been eating. This is my blog about family eats, right?

In true form I packed us prepared by me food. Our hotel has a mini fridge and microwave so limited cooking is possible. We are staying at the Oxford Suites again. Which means breakfast is covered and evening snacks are a nice bonus. Unfortunately, the options are not as extensive as the one in Vancouver (no salad bar at evening snack! I was quite disappointed by that.) The girls have eaten enough eggs, sausage, and potatoes for the last three days that I just can’t serve it to them even one more time. We’ll have to go for oatmeal today.

I brought all sorts of lunch options for us: tuna salad, peanut butter and jelly, lettuce cups, and falafel. It’s great to know we have good food and don’t need to worry about buying it. Plus, having the packable food made it possible for us to have an easy picnic lunch in Idaho:


Lexi enjoying her peach, tuna lettuce cup, veggies, and pretzel sticks.

We had family movie night after our Idaho day and were worn out and didn’t want to go anywhere. Thankfully, I brought a few dinner options and we ate green bean lentil spaghetti in our room. What a relief to have food with us on a night like that.

As I mentioned before I brought vegan gluten-free brownies and trail mix cookies for treats. I also brought veggies and hummus, peanuts, homemade trail mix, and lots of fruit to snack on. We’ve been doing pretty well not eating too much “regular” food. That being said we did order pizza last night to enjoy on the patio of our hotel but I made side salads to go along with it to at least fit in some veggies.

All in all, four days into our longest family trip, I’d say we are doing well. I’m so glad I went for being the crazy lady that packed a cooler full of food to bring to the hotel. The girls are having so much fun and I just love it here. Feeling well makes a difference in the experience and I’m thankful that I did not underestimate it and leave us to fend for ourselves while here.

Spokane, I love you (and these people)!



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