It’s My Birthday

30! Wow a whole new number! Oh how I’ve changed over the years. Continually growing is good and at times I wouldn’t recognize myself now if I had met me (make sense??).

I wanted to go for a run long this morning to listen to a sermon and get some time away from all the prep work I’d be doing today. Long runs these days are 6 miles, perfect amount of time to get through a whole sermon and not too long to be away from home. Once I got back my two lovelies were dressed in their best outfits and met me with a “Happy Birthday!” greeting. Despite being sweaty from from the run we did presents right away. My family truly made me feel loved today and that’s all anyone wants on their birthday.

Birthday breakfast included a slice of bacon for everyone with some eggs and greens. It’s my birthday I will eat bacon if I please =) Not everyone was as excited about the bacon, Lexi said, “Oh, I thought we could have sausage.”

For lunch between all my food prep and packing for our ocean getaway we had a delicious salad:


Hmm…a bit hard to tell what’s in there but pretty much a little of all the fresh produce from my Terra Organics box. Shredded carrots, kohlrabi, radish, onions, beets, and the greens from all those things. I topped mine with a quick peanut soy sauce dressing and ranch for the girls. These salads really filled us up and with all the happenings I completely forgot to serve the fruit.

To get out of the house we went to Mod Pizza for dinner. I love their salad option because you get to choose from all the fresh pizza toppings to put in your salad. I basically get a little of everything: artichokes, roasted red peppers, olives, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and feta cheese! With all those veggies I hardly need any dressing at all. We also love this place because each person gets to choose their own pizza and top it the way they really want. Plus, since the crust is so cracker thin you don’t end up feeling overly full.


Best salad ever!


The girls showing off their choices. Isabelle likes to get pesto sauce and veggies on her pizza and Lexi likes to get meatballs and pepperoni with just a few veggies.

As I mentioned yesterday I made myself a birthday ice cream to celebrate with the family. We could have gone next door from the pizza place to get frozen yogurt and it would have been easier but the ice cream was so good and totally worth the added effort. Plus, it is completely dairy-free and refined sugar free so no horrible sugar headaches tomorrow or achey tummies.

First I whipped up a batch of vanilla ice cream and put that in the ice cream maker. Meanwhile I made homemade nutella  and raw brownie bites. After the ice cream was made I stirred in the homemade nutella and brownie bites and froze over night. To serve we topped with a little more homemade nutella (always more nutella!) and the extra brownie bites.


Holy moly! It was such good ice cream. The chunks of brownie and nutella took this ice cream over the top! A great finale to a wonderful birthday with my family.

Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow at the ocean with my extended family. Being 30 is looking good!


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