Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies have been my favorite cookie for a long, long time. I have very fond memories of making the dough and eating a very good portion of it before it was even in the oven. I’ve also been known to mix up peanut butter cookie dough and eat it on its own with no intention of baking it. Something about peanut butter just gets me. Even now I will mix up something resembling peanut butter cookie batter and eat it with a spoon. Granted these days my cookie dough indulgences don’t have the grains or the sugar of my past indulgences but I’m just as satisfied.

Since going grain and sugar-free I have not attempted a plain peanut butter cookie recipe. Oh we’ve eaten peanut butter in our cookies but always with other things as well: chickpeas, chocolate chips, almonds, etc. All very yummy but not the same as my classic favorite. Last night, I took on the challenge of recreating my beloved peanut butter cookies.

There are lots of recipes floating around the internet for grain-free peanut butter cookies. All of them use a ton of peanut butter and some eggs. I came across this recipe which uses coconut flour as well as eggs and a reasonable amount of peanut butter (can’t use up all my homemade peanut butter on a few cookies!). Well, I combined this recipe with another and played around until I liked the taste and texture of the dough. And boy did I like the taste of the dough! It brought me back to the old days.

Some cookies did make it into the oven to be baked. They were scrumptious warm from the oven. I even used a little leftover chocolate frosting to top a few for Brian. I, of course, preferred mine the old-fashioned way.



Not too bad, right?! The taste was just right. After sitting for a day the coconut flour flavor comes through a little more but I wonder if that will disappear if they are reheated. Now, if I only I can remember how to recreate these the next time. Such is the problem with playing around with recipes and not writing it down. They will never turn out exactly the same again. If I get to eat more dough though, I don’t mind having to rework the recipe a few more times.


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