Practice for School

Vacation bible school is this week! Lexi attends from 8:45 to 11:30 every day and Isabelle attends from 8:45 to 3 pm. When I signed them up I was not so sure about the extended day for Isabelle but then I figured it will be a good practice week for us to see what it will be like when she is gone all day at school in just one short month. Isabelle did a VBS a few years ago and loved it so I was just waiting for Lexi to be old enough to attend one as well so they could both go. As the youngest, I worry Lexi gets short-changed a lot and is stuck watching her sister do fun stuff or is being dragged around to Isabelle’s activities. Mindful of that, we skipped the last few years of VBS.

Since Isabelle is there all day she needs to bring a lunch. Practice for me to get lunches ready for her and for Brian each day since that is exactly what it will be like come back to school. At least I still get Lexi to eat lunch with. I’m a huge fan of prepping more than one day’s lunch at a time and having a few options at the ready for her to grab and go. With that in mind I packed three lunches to start us off:


Leftover vegetable nachos, strawberries, and roasted almonds with chocolate chips.


Peanut butter banana muffins (amazing 5 ingredient recipe with no sugar or grains!), carrots, and apple slices.


Peanut butter and jelly in lettuce, carrot, cucumber, pickle, apple slices, and a small no bake granola bar.

She went with the muffins for today’s lunch. The method seems workable. I can tell you I feel a lot better knowing I only need to come up with one more lunch for the week (early release on Friday) and hopefully I can fill that in with leftovers. Plus, since I’m already doing the prep work Lexi’s lunches are somewhat made already too since they match what Isabelle has. Isabelle said she was nice and full from lunch and finished everything. She did notice that every other kid had a sandwich, though. That, I’m sure, will be very typical of her lunch experiences.

For dinner tonight we had a grilled vegetable salad bowl. I grilled zucchini and yellow squash, corn, peas, and onions. Over the weekend I made some lentils in anticipation of lunches or whatever so we mixed those in with the vegetables, added some tomatoes, and this vegan green goddess dressing. The dressing was a great added touch since it was made with avocado.


We may have been a little too full to adequately enjoy these veggie bowls because while they were cooking I was mixing up almond thumbprint cookie dough to cook on the grill after dinner.  The cookie dough was so yummy and very, very filling since it is made primarily of almonds and almond butter.


The thumbprint cookies are topped with cherry chia jam and a few just have chocolate chips. These cookies do have a bit of brown rice flour in them but they are sweetened with only honey, yay!. They are yummy but very filling. I like cookies like that, when you can eat just one but be completely satisfied that you don’t feel the need to eat more and more.

All in all, a pretty good little Monday. Maybe back to school won’t be so scary after all? Not likely, I was so nervous for both girls to be away from home today, that may not change.



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