We Love Rachael Ray

The girls and I love the Rachael Ray Show. When we are at home in the mornings Isabelle watches the clock for 9 AM when the show comes on. During the school year she is so excited on the days she gets to stay home and can watch Rachael Ray. While there are a lot of segments in the show other than cooking, we watch for the cooking creations. Isabelle gets frustrated when she has a lot of guests and doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The girls get pretty excited about what she is making and love to tell me about it and how good it looks. It also leads to them making menu requests of things she cooks. That was the case on Friday when we watched her make Vegetable Nachos. Lexi wanted it for dinner that very night. We comprised and I made a few nights later and without chips.

Our nachos were loosely based off her nachos. We used raw broccoli (they have a great chip like crunch), kale and cooked sweet potato as the “chips”. We followed the recipe for the thinned out refried beans made our own mixed vegetable toppings. And because it is nachos, we did top with cheese.


Nachos, even without chips, were a huge hit. And the nice thing about this recipe is that you aren’t just filling up on chips and cheese it is loaded with vegetables and beans. Yum!

During a previous week we watched her make this pasta recipe which really spoke to me. Noodles with roasted cauliflower and a chickpea sauce sounds perfect (well except for the wheat noodles)! We modified by using raw zucchini instead of noodles and adding peas because, well why not?! The sauce in this is literally made of chickpeas pureed with broth, yum! This dinner was fast, plant-based, filling, and satisfying.


We had gone to a birthday party so the girls were pretty full from party food (i.e. hot dogs and birthday cake). This dinner was a quick way to pack some vegetables in their tummies and was easy for me to make. The cauliflower had been roasted earlier in the week so basically I just had to make the sauce. Which was pretty much me defrosting the frozen chickpeas and mixing it all up. No biggie. Quick healthy food!

Thanks Rachael Ray for fast, satisfying, and healthy dinner ideas!


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