Not As Planned

I am on a streak. A streak of things not going as I hoped they would. Time to adjust my expectations? Possibly. Little things not going as planned are an inevitable part of life (I keep telling Isabelle the same, she is so much like me). It gets a little sticky when little thing after little thing keeps getting messed up. What I try to remember is that my life is pretty darn amazing if i can stress the little things, so I should not stress the little things! That being said disappointment is disappointment no matter how small.

Brian and I planned on finally using a restaurant voucher that we got for Christmas tomorrow night. We had his mom lined up to be with the kids and I was very, very excited to finally get to go with Brian out to this amazing restaurant. We originally planned the outing for May but life got in the way and we rescheduled to this Thursday. Well, we may have rescheduled it on our calendar but when we called to schedule it on the restaurant’s calendar they had no tables for tomorrow! A Thursday evening and no tables?! What?! So no dinner out with the hubby tomorrow and I’m pretty bummed about it.

As a consolation we will be eating the lentil loaf I intended on cooking for dinner tonight (it better be some very good lentil loaf to console me). The recipe is from Oh She Glows. I’ve made it in the past and it usually is pretty delish. Unfortunately, unlike meatloaf it does take some extra prep work. That’s what I did this afternoon, prepped it so we could enjoy it tonight for dinner. I was feeling so on top of it for having it all ready and in the pan to pop in the oven this evening. The girls and I were just going to go to the store and pick out a new outfit for each of them for back to school and be back in time to cook up the lentil loaf. I had hoped to have a somewhat early dinner so everyone could go to bed early tonight. But then, we didn’t get home from shopping until 6! Lentil loaf takes an hour to cook, that is not an early to dinner and bed. I improvised (actually, I improvised after being unhappy about the late hour and still unhappy to be missing out on my outing tomorrow and realizing that instead of goey cheese and chocolate I’d be eating lentil loaf). What can I make that is fast?! Eggs, that’s what came to mind.

Breakfast for dinner is fun, right? Breakfast for dinner is fast (in theory). I made scrambled eggs with spinach and onions topped with a tomato, cucumber, carrot, radish, and oil salad and hummus. To go along with the eggs I made a speedy (see: microwaved to warm/soften and broiled to add the crunch) apple oat crumble (less sweet more breakfasty).


As you can imagine the breakfast version of apple crumble was gobbled up immediately and the eggs were good too. All’s well that ends well; however, you can be sure that we’ve already made reservations for next week for our dinner out and I’m sure I’ll be happy tomorrow that my lentil loaf is prepped and just needs to be baked.


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