Saturday – Low Key

Saturday was not very eventful. It has been awhile since we have been at home on Saturday with nowhere to go so we focused on accomplishing some things. Brian worked on the trailer, I mowed the lawn. The girls and I took a walk and played with the neighbors. I attempted to plan out the next few weeks with summer coming to a close and our upcoming end of summer camping trip followed by the start of school. On the night of the first day of school we have a little family celebration where the girls get to pick what we have for dinner and dessert. So far they haven’t come up with any ideas. I’m just waiting for the macaroni and cheese card to be played.

Dinner was not too different from what I’ve been making recently and I almost didn’t take a picture to share. However, when I sat down to eat I was struck by how pretty our plates were, filled with plant-based food.


We ate speedy three bean salad, lettuce salad, zucchini bites (they were like little zucchini tater tots!!), and slices of baked potato. During lunch I had asked the girls if there was anything they wanted on our menu plan for the weekend. Their responses were salad and bean salad. Ok then!

Here’s what I had for an after dinner snack:


Why yes, that is peanut butter and melted chocolate on lettuce! It was so good! You can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. Put it on anything and you are good to go. The lettuce adds crunch without the additional fullness of say a wrap or toast.


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