Labor Day Camping!

We are going camping! Would be an exciting 4 day camping trip except that we are spending one of those days traveling back and attending my sister’s “wedding”. I’m hoping we can use this camping trip to unwind a little from the summer and the busyness of the past few weeks as back to school craziness begins.

I’d love to say I have lots of pics of all the great food we are bringing because I have spent the past two days preparing it all. However, the truth is I do not. And my menu is not overly exciting because of the travel day on Saturday (and the “wedding” food). We are going to try to grill some pizza on Sunday, though. We’ve talked about making some camping pizza a lot in the past and we are going to give it a go. I made a pizza crust recipe specific to be used on the grill (slightly more durable than a regular crust) and we will see how it travels and how our always extra hot grill handles it. Oh, and per the girl’s breakfast request we are having biscuits and gravy one morning. These girls love their biscuits and gravy. I’ve got a great biscuit recipe made with chickpea flour so grains for breakfast will not follow pizza from the night before. Also, I did have to make more lentil wraps to use as buns for our chicken apple sausages (still can’t see another hot dog!).

While I have no pictures from today or from camping prep I do have a beauty of a cake to share. Brian’s mom is coming camping with us and her birthday is the day after we return home. Naturally, it is my duty to make her a cake! For awhile now (I don’t make cakes nearly as often as I used to) I’ve been wanting to make a Boston Creme Pie. Not for me because I am not a fan of custard or pudding or things of that nature. You know who is, Brian! So this cake should be a goody for him and hopefully will be appreciated by his mom too. I used a Martha Stewart recipe for the cake and some other recipe for the custard. Since I don’t like custard I’ve never made pastry cream before but I totally nailed it on my first attempt! And the cake came out yummy and more spongy than I’m used to making.


Hullo, beautiful! You can never go wrong with a cake topped in chocolate ganache (or sprinkles!). We are bringing this lovely thing camping so the rest of the trip is very light on desserts, no cookies or bars (but s’mores of course!). Here’s to hoping the cake still looks this pretty once we arrive. Boston Creme Pie, I’m glad we’ve become friends.


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