Football Food

Football season has officially begun (Go Seahawks!). Football season equals football food. And football food is man food, so not health food. Bummer, I’ve forgotten how football season takes over my kitchen as well. Eventually it seems like we are just trying to recover from one game day to the next. However, our football eats are far better than what it could be. Hummus is a must which means there are plenty of dipping veggies, chips and salsa usually make an appearance, and we rotate through some other food items: nachos, chili, hot dogs, etc.

Tonight’s kickoff game was a big deal. Super bowl champion Seahawks versus my dad’s favorite team, the Packers. We invited my dad over to watch the game and have dinner. Some football food was warranted. My family missed chili when we didn’t have any camping so we decided the football game was a perfect excuse to have chili and baked potatoes. In honor of football I didn’t amp up the health factor in this chili. I left it pretty regular (shhhh, there was a little flax in there!) and even added in a little ground turkey. Normally, I throw all sorts of greens into the chili and make it meat free.


We up the yum factor by topping the chili with a little cheese, crushed tortilla chips, and plain yogurt. Lexi has declared chili as her favorite food so she was excited for this dinner all day. And despite the fact that she snacked on a ton of stuff at the start of the game she polished off her bowl of chili.

Even though everyone was full from the early game spread and the chili, we ate a little bit of leftover piecaken. I don’t know if it was just me or I didn’t remember how good it was last night but I felt like it was even better tonight. The flavors came through even more, something to keep in mind for next time.

Tonight was a great start to the football season! A good game, good company, and good food. I am happy, though, that tomorrow I will be serving a big salad to everyone. =)




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